Monday, May 21, 2012

Flea Market Weekend

Pam, Trev & I headed to Sandwich this weekend to sell our "stuff" at the Sandwich Antiques Fair.  It's been a few years since I last visited the fair and I was aghast at how much smaller is has become.  Such a lovely venue: mature trees, old buildings and loads of open spaces. 

We arrived late Saturday afternoon on the hottest day (so far) this year.  It took several hours to erect our canopy, set up tables, unpack and arrange our items.  Two if the neighboring vendors came to chat with us, also expressing their disappointment at the small showing.  (There were 3 very large antiques fairs at the same time).  In any case, we all agreed that it was less competition!

Pam headed home later that night.  Trev & I had decided to camp out in the van.  Following a hot, buggy night that resulted in 2 hours sleep, we agreed that it wasn't our best idea.  Especially when the gentleman adjacent to our plot decided to build a bonfire and belt out songs on his vintage 2am.

The very best part of the whole adventure was about midnight on Saturday.  Trevor had opened the van for some fresh albeit buggy air.  He said, "I can see the Big Dipper!" and started talking about the stars.  When he started to drift off later, he said, "Good Night, Big Dipper" and I replied, "Good Night, Little Dipper".    New tradition formed, sweet memory.  Even though we didn't make as much money as we would have liked, that special moment was priceless.

It's 8:45pm here.  Off the tuck in Little Dipper and even Littler Dipper.