Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy June and Our New Normal

So many things have been happening all at once. 

1) E has a new job and with it come many blessings.  It also has different hours and we are now enjoying eating lunch together as our family time since he works from 2-10:30pm.

2) Summer Kid's Club (aka VBS) kicks off on the 11th.  Much to be done.  We are spread thin this year, but have an excellent team.  I am confident that it will be a wonderful year.

3) Garage sale season has begun!  Enough said.

I will now unveil my favorite garage sale find.  It is an old Schwinn Breeze.  Red and white, excellent condition, wire basket, original red glittery grips.  It is a single speed and quite a challenge on hills.  However, I have been enjoying my rides.  It makes a lovely creaking sound that draws smiles (usually from older folks who have a flashback when they see my cool wheels).