Monday, January 7, 2013

This Long Winter

There has been zero snowfall this winter and here we are in January.

Maybe the best part about the snow this year would be the feeling of being blanketed in fresh starts.  Our family needs a fresh start.

My mom has been struggling for months now (since July) with a series of physical setbacks as well as crippling depression.  It has been a terrifying ride and it seems as though small pieces of hope have been shattered with what is beginning to be predictable succession. 

I haven't been angry as much as I have been frustrated.  Frustrated that there hasn't been any appreciable change with heavy medical intervention.  Frustrated that our prayers for healing haven't been answered.  What do we do if nothing "works".....if God in His sovereignty chooses not to restore my mom.  It is hard to see someone falling into darkness and be helpless to pull them back.

Pretty confident that no one really reads this much and it feels like a safe place to whisper a small part of the secret we carry around.  As always, we are leaning hard on God's unmoving strength.