Sunday, August 5, 2012

Long, Hot July

Two months have passed since my last post, although it feels like 2 years.  June was consumed with prepping and recovering from VBS, which was a wonderful week.  T left the last week of June to visit his father for two weeks and we were still enjoying a "surprise" visit from Lisa and Hannah, who traveled from Dubai to spend time with us.

July brought oppressive heat and humidity.  If you know me well, you are aware of how physically ill I become in the heat.  I wish that I could sit outside with a cool drink and enjoy the heat, but two incidents of heat stroke seem to have permanently affected my body.  Fourth of July was a scorching hot day and we went to the (early) Darien parade and had a celebration dinner at our house that night.  The kids splashed in a pool and we stayed in the A/C eating brats, watermelon and ice cream.  That was the last "normal" day in July.....

On July 5th, my sister from Dubai called from my parent's home in distress.  My dad had completely no short term memory and was wandering around confused.  Thankfully, E was home so that I could drive over and pick up my parents to drive them to the hospital.  My dad was diagnosed with a rare episode of something called transient global amnesia and spent some time in the hospital.  My mom was feeling under the weather during this time and we were increasingly worried about her. 

The day after my dad was sent home, we drove Lisa and Hannah to the airport and said our good-byes.  Dad was better albeit tired from restless hospital sleep and my mom was still not feeling well.  Within 2 days, the doctor determined that my mom needed to be hospitalized for kidney failure and some other issues.  We spent another long week in the hospital and my Aunt Betty (mom's best friend & sister) was also admitted.  Ironically, the same hospital and similar issues.  The staff was baffled and said it was the strangest thing ever.

T came home from his visit and we celebrated C's birthday the day after the ladies were released from the hospital. 

My back went out the Sunday after.  Literally could not walk.  Terrifying. 

Honestly, I am getting tired typing all this and rehashing the events of July. 

Through it all, God has been faithful and shown us his love and compassion.  Being confined to bed for a few days made me realize that I am ready to take several things off my plate so I stepped down from Children's Ministry Director at church.  It was a wonderful 18 months of service, but I am exhausted and feel that a huge burden is lifted and I have renewed energy to be a wife and mom.

I will add that there were some beautiful, bright spots throughout the month, the best being the wedding of a lovely young woman named Michelle.  I had the joy of working/mentoring her through her teen years and her mom has been a mentor and friend to me.  They are both women that I am blessed to call my friends.  Her wedding was quite simply "magical". 
Kudos if you were able to read this whole novel.  I hope to get back to posting more recipes, vintage finds and family ideas.

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  1. I am sorry you have had such a rough summer so far:( I hope that things are on the upswing for you and your family! I will keep you in my prayers:)