Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Apparently, I am not too busy to blog. C & I are waiting for nephew "I" to come play for the day while my sister Jill helps at my niece's school. The boys will "help" me run some errands, maybe we will see if Grandpa wants to go to lunch?
My schedule is very, very, very full.
For anyone that assumes stay at home moms eat bon bons all day long, here is my weekend:

-Prepping Dinner
-Pack T's suitcase
-T's soccer game
-Drop T off to see his father (coming in for visit)
-Mow lawn
-Baby shower (fun part!!)
-Write R12 curriculum for 1st-6th graders
-Set up for children's ministries at church
-Pick up T man
-Teach 1st-4th Sunday school
-Teach Jr. church
(*I don't always do this, but some teachers are on vacation)
-Get T's stuff ready for spring fair (Hawaiian theme)
-Prep etsy stuff for sale-(exceeding my goals-woohoo!)
-Call VBS helpers

Just telling a friend that I am not feeling too stressed about any of this. I have really been working hard about choosing to be content & not grumbling. That said, I am not always successful but am making baby steps.

Philippians 2:14
Do everything without arguing or grumbling.

Even if you do not subscribe to the belief that God's Word is your guidebook, this verse is so helpful.

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