Monday, June 6, 2011

Recycled Wrappings

Recycled curtains from my Grandma's old house, chiffon rose made from old nightgown & wooden button. I think it is a book that I wrapped??

This is probably a purse. Used old toile upholstery fabric, topped off with a satin flower I made by burning edges.

Quick post.
Do I love to wrap pretty packages for my etsy customers? Yes!!

Tonight I wrapped the purple & gray package-a vintage aluminum 3 tiered cake carrier-in recycled jersey material. I sewed a fabric bag and popped on a big old flower.

The tan & blue package is two milk glass plates that I am shipping tomorrow. Some of my old cashmere sweaters had seen better days so I used them for mitten lining and wrapping. I had enough blue cashmere scrap to fashion a wee rose to fasten onto striped ribbon.

I hope my customers feel like they are getting a special gift!


  1. Wow! That is going above and beyond. I ordered a cover-all nursing apron and some super thin, super huge swaddling blankets from Etsy the other day and they are just tied with really cute ribbon and a personalized card.

    ps whenever I read the word cashmere I think of the Seinfeld episode when George tries to give the janitor lady a cashmere sweater with the red dot and she keeps saying, "Cashmere! Cashmere! Oh Georgie...I love cashmere!"

  2. So very cool! This makes my tissue and gift wrap, wrapping look very sad. I guess I need to step it up. Thanks Susan.

  3. a m a z i n g...Susan you are the queen!
    my old Nelco machine finally gave up the ghost, even Ione couldn't get it I'll stick with the NYTimes and some vintage ribbon.

    Barbara @ionesAttic
    aka Cookie

  4. those packages look amazing!!! i'd say a very, very special gift!