Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Salsa/Produce Post

Picture 1 is the salsa ingredients in the pot.  That square shaped chunk is chipotles with adobo sauce.  I can never use a whole can, so I freeze what is leftover and then break into chunks for salsa making.

The 2nd picture is just a sampling of all the beautiful colors from my heirloom varieties this summer.
We had two pots of salsa on the stove and made 6 pints and 2 quarts for the freezer.


  1. I LOVE salsa! Our tomatoes are all getting ripe in the garden and I can't wait to start canning salsa and spaghetti sauce! Also...I LOVE that you use heirloom tomatoes. They are gorgeous:)

  2. I wish I had some of your salsa right now. Love the colors of the veggies!

  3. Those tomatoes must have made some gorgeous salsa. Im a salsamaniac!

  4. We were privileged to try the salsa at Isaac's bday is delicious!!!!! Please teach me how to make it Susan. :)

  5. I tried to post something the other day but it wouldn't take. I pretty much asked how the different colors of tomatoes make the salsa taste. Are the green ones bitter? I wish I could find the chipotles with adobo sauce here...maybe I will bring some back when we holiday in the states this winter. :)