Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flea Market Fun

T has really enjoyed researching antiques and vintage finds with me lately.  As a special treat, I took him for a mommy-son "date night" to the all night flea market at the Wheaton Fairgrounds.  He was beside himself with excitement as this was his first flea market ever.  It had been a really long time (too long!) since I had gone....

We paced ourselves and I taught him to compare prices, make mental notes and plan out his purchases.  He found a midgetoy ambulance right off the bat and fell in love it.  When he asked the best price, he was so thrilled that it was $1.  Later he found two Tootsie Toy cars for $3 each.  He politely offered $5 for two and the seller said "yes".  I purchased an old, heavy 2-hole punch as well as a bag of 4 cookie cutters from her.  They were both from her bargain $1 table.

Early in the evening we saw a fantastic carrom board in great vintage shape.  It was a steal at $10 and we offered $8.  Planning on hanging in the "new" basement-it's big, cool and looks funky.

We also bought what may be my creepiest purchase ever: an old mechanical monkey that blows bubbles.  He is part tin, part well-loved fur and 100% scary.  For $5, I thought he would be a great match for the other monkey that I purchased for the nursery years ago.

T chose 1/2 pound of caramel creams to share; they were $1.75.  A healthy dinner of nachos & funnel cake was washed back with soda.  T joked that we probably burned off a little bit from all our walking.  I won't tell you how we got the funnel cake for free, but yes, it was free.  And no, I did not pick it out if the garbage.  That's just most of my furniture....

Here are some photos of our treasures:


  1. I love your finds! Looks like you had a great date night. I am sorry we missed one another!
    I hope maybe you can join us when Anita comes in town in September!

  2. That monkey blowing bubbles is rather interesting looking. :) Who in the world would ever have designed such a toy! Funny!

  3. If Trevor wasn't such a cool kid and "all boy" with his athletics John would warn you that you are stealing his "man card" at an early age. Just kidding...I'm glad that he enjoys doing fun stuff like this with you. I bet his favorite part is haggling a good price and getting sweets. Four more months and we'll be having Christmas Eve together!! :)

  4. We can't wait for your trip here!
    Tell John that the men usually outnumber the women-there is comic stuff, Star Wars, classic car and gas station stuff out the yin-yang.