Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Furnace is On

No hidden meaning there.
We just have the heat on regularly now as the days and nights are becoming colder.  I love curling into my warm bed for quiet time.  It's nice having a husband whose body temperature always feels a good 10 degrees warmer than mine (he "loves" having my ice cold feet against his calves).  I almost phrased this: "It's great having a hot husband" but think that may be misconstrued. 

Our Tuesday morning Bible study was cancelled so I think we will drive to Menards for some furnace filters, maybe stop by my sister's house.  Last night I made some more marinara sauce in the crock pot and the smell was so savory good in the house on this cold morning.  We canned 12 large jars of pomegranate and plum jam on Sunday night.  Our deep freeze is crammed full of jelly:

My parent's freezer is stocked with some of the jars as well as our upstairs freezer.  Thank goodness I bought all that pectin at Meijer when it was 48 cents per packet.  (Some of this is pesto, marinara, salsa and apple butter).  Almost 100% of the organic fruit was gifted to me before it was dumped into compost.  All the canning has made me appreciate the modern conveniences we are blessed to have.  It blows my mind to think about how much work it was for a family to put dinner on the table back in the pioneer days.  Harvest time has a nice ring to it when you see the pretty Indian corn & pumpkins, but harvest used to equal grueling work, work that was completely necessary for survival.

God has been teaching me so many things in this season.  This week has been a challenge in many ways....learning to lean on Him and not keep "taking back" and having a pity party over all the burdens that He has lifted from my hands.


  1. Hi Susan...Hope this is a better week for you. Lean hard on the Lord for He is faithful!! :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement; He is so faithful.