Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Jam

Our house smells wonderful albeit very fruity. T helped me make 4 different kinds of jam tonight: blueberry, strawberry, strawblueberry (??) and apricot (my favorite). The apricot is still cooking away but the rest of the jams are stacked in jars on the table.

There were some great sales on fruit today and we took advantage of 99 cent blueberries & strawberries. Will be buying more tomorrow for snacking.

We are so excited that Lisa and the boys will be arriving on Tuesday. It seems like their arrival always rings in the best part of our summer. T is especially looking forward to some sleepovers with James & Ben. Praying that they will have smooth travels and little jet lag.

E & T are dozing on the couches, in a coma from their nighttime snack. I poured warm strawblueberry jam over strawberry ice cream and placed a pile of chopped berries on top. As usual, C was clamoring on E's lap for a bite.

I will be staying home during Sunday school with C until E comes home to take the "2nd shift". We are praying the pneumonia goes away quickly; he detests the nebulizer treatments.

Off to check the jam, floss & moisturize.

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  1. Charlie has pneumonia??? This is the first that I've heard of it. Poor guy. We'll be praying he recovers quickly.

    I have under one day until I board the plane. My stomach is gurgling from nerves and the antibiotic I'm on. I put off going to the doctor until yesterday and found out that the sinus infection I have needs to be treated with antibiotics. The bad part is that one of two antibiotics gives me horrible pain in my stomach for 4 hours and the other gives me diarrhea. It will make for a lovely flight. I think I'll put off taking the stomach pain one until I get to the states because it's really bad pain.

    Can't wait to see everyone. We are super excited! Love ya!