Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Summer Days

We had yet another day of rain and clouds today. After a morning of cleaning & grocery shopping, it felt wonderful to take a nap with C. There's nothing quite like a solid nap while listening to the rain. T & C have a favorite book, My Very First Mother Goose with illustrations by Rosemary Wells. One of my favorite selections is:
Rain on the green grass,
And rain on the tree;
Rain on the roof tops,
But not on me.
There is a drawing of a little bunny tucked in his bed with the rain pouring outside his window.

Abuelita & Marissa came for dinner tonight. I had planned on making Enrique's favorite ribs recipe, but the unpredictable rain meant a new menu. Just made a fresh green salad with Romaine, tomatoes, avocados & Persian cucumbers. We ordered Dan's bbq double-decker pizza (our latest favorite-love Chicago pizza!). I made some mango iced tea and a summer pie. Simple vanilla cream cheese filling in a graham crust. I tossed some fresh peaches, cherries & blueberries in homemade strawberry jam and voila-quick, easy pie, no oven required.

C is fast asleep & T is getting his pajamas on so that we can read a story before bedtime.


  1. Susan...I can finally see your blog! Not only is this nice for people like me to view but what a nice "journal" of sorts to look back on through the years.

    By the way...the rain sounds WONDERFUL! I has been unbelievably hot and humid lately. I shouldn't be surprised but when you have a sinus infection, eye infection and rash on your armpits that gets irritated from the heat it seems to be a bit unbearable.

    See all of you in a week!

  2. I find you to be absolutely amazing! I think you need to tutor me... You remind me so much of my Mom - a woman who does so much for all she knows but without expectations of any returned favors. I wish I could be such a reflection... How do you do it without burnout?

  3. Sherri, I think you're pretty amazing, too. With an enormous heart for your family and friends. And don't be fooled...I am often in need of a Calgon moment.