Sunday, March 20, 2011

Butter Pecan Biscotti

Tart Cherry & Toasted Hazelnut

Butter Pecan Biscotti

Yes, still on our biscotti kick.

We changed up a basic recipe on & really liked the results. T was a great help, he toasted the pecans and stirred the butter to make sure that it didn't burn. The result was a very simple, mildly sweet biscotti that held its shape well. My parents came for dinner and we served the biscotti for dessert; it stood up to the coffee dunking of my dad, E & me.

I am thinking I may tweak this a bit more and add some toffee bits...mmmm.

Here is our new recipe. Sooo easy & I like the fact that the whole lot of biscotti only contained 1/2 cup of butter.

Butter Pecan Biscotti

1 stick butter

1 cup brown sugar (loosely packed)

3 1/4 cup flour, sifted

3 eggs

1 Tbs. baking powder

1 Tbs. vanilla

1 tsp. salt

1/2-1 cup pecans, toasted

*In heavy saucepan, cook butter until browned. (It will smell nutty). Pour browned butter into small bowl to cool. When cooled, mix butter & brown sugar. Add eggs & vanilla and mix well. Slowly mix in dry ingredients. Chop pecans and add last.

Line baking sheet with parchment. Divide dough into two equal parts. Press onto cookie sheet and shape into 2 long rectangles. Bake in 375 degree oven for about 28 minutes. Watch that they do not brown excessively.

Remove from oven and slide parchment off baking sheet. Let "loaves" cool on parchment then slice into biscotti. Return to fresh parchment-lined baking sheet and bake addition 7-9 minutes. Cool & enjoy.

Charlie was my helper today, too. While the other guys were cleaning the garage, we planted heirloom tomato seeds in little peat pots. They are covered and sitting atop the fridge where it's warm. Exciting to think that in just a couple of months, they will be growing steadily in our garden.

Thankful for tomatoes, husband, children, parents, and spring!


  1. I made biscotti (cranberry pistachio, dipped in white chocolate) for the first time last Chritmas. I gave it all away as gifts, and I never got the chance to enjoy it myself. Your recipe looks great!

  2. Looks so good! All of your recipes look so enticing!

    I'm your newest follower!