Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two New Favorite Things

A beautiful quilt made by my Grandma.

A huge framed picture purchased by my Grandpa Blake for the Primitive Baptist Church many years ago. When the church changed, he had the pictures returned to him & it has been in a closet for many, many years. He died when he was 39. so I never met him...but it is wonderful to have a piece of our family.



I am soooo tired and am heading to bed soon. Much to catch up on tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers.


  1. I think I remember that quilt. Was it the one that used to be folded on the small wooden rocking chair in the room that Grandma slept in? That's pretty cool that you found that picture...pretty cool piece. I wish that I had something that would remind me of Grandpa Wilder. Since no item sticks out in my head (other than the shoe horns he used and spiffy exercise bike) I think I'll just keep the great memories with him.

    By the case there are any extra quilts floating around that no one claims...I would love to have one.

  2. I picked out some special stuff for you and a book from 1927 for John. Mom brought home a quilt for you but there are also MANY unfinished quilt tops that are pieced together but not finished (if you like the pieced one like mine). It's my favorite. That picture was from Grandpa Blake, not Benny.
    Soooo glad you are back online.

  3. Very cool about the quilts. Yes, I did pick up the fact that the photo was from Grandpa Blake but since I never knew him I would love to have something from Grandpa Wilder since he was such an amazing and loving grandpa. :) Maybe I can inherit the UNO cards.

  4. I have the boxed set of Trionimos for you-saved them from the garage sale! ANd the surveyors found a ziploc bag and spoon with peanut butter somewhere on the property. We saved that for you, of course. Pretty sure it's yours and that it's precious to you.

  5. EEEEEEEW the bag w/ the spoon!!!!Hope everything went well Susan. I am going to send your page to J's aunt b/c you have the exact taste. Her house would be a treasure museum for you.