Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have often heard people gripe about bad sellers on craigslist, but that had never been my experience. Well, that all changed today.

Listed was dress form last week for $80 OBO. My first offer was rejected and after some negotiations, the seller emailed me last night to accept $50.

She requested that I drive to pick it up at 7pm.

Our whole family rolled up to the house (in SUGAR GROVE!-40 minute drive!) at 7pm and we waited until 7:45. The seller had my number, a confirmation email, etc. No show:(

Sigh. I have been saving for one for my etsy store & was disappointed.

However, I realize there are huge disasters and hurts going on in the world much bigger than my craigslist drama. Although I do wish that common courtesy had been shown & the seller could have phoned me. She sent me an email late tonight explaining that she went to dinner and forgot or something like that....

Needless to say, she lost the sale.

Looking on the bright side, we had a mini spring break treat & took the boys to the new Chick-Fil-A by Fox Valley on our ride home. T leaves for his father's house on Saturday for spring break & we miss him terribly even though he hasn't left yet.

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  1. Aw...sorry to hear about that! I have sold quite a bit on Craigslist and I hate when people flake out on you. I don't blame you for being upset after driving 40 minutes out of your way! :)