Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers Keep On Pouring

Pictures of our tree in the rainy early morning.

Throughout the incessant rains, our Magnolia continues to bloom despite the lack of sunshine.

The next day of sunshine will mean full blown pink blooms that completely obscure our little house. Certainly I am biased, but I think we have the most beautiful of all the Magnolia trees in Downers Grove.

My favorite part of the day is sitting at dinner every night around our kitchen table, lush pink blossoms for eye candy.


  1. Beautiful tree! I am hoping my lilacs bloom soon...I love the smell when I open my windows. Such a pretty, clean, spring scent. I have never smelled magnolias, but I bet they are heavenly:)

  2. Looks so beautiful! The blossoms opened up so much since we were at your place last Friday--amazing.

  3. I do love your magnolia tree. I can't remember...are they fragrant? In our new house we have two jasmine bushes in the front garden and they are SO fragrant right now. Even with the air on and house all locked up you can smell them inside. :)

  4. They do not smell like anything, but look like they would. Our lilac bush & the neighbor's bush will be blooming soon as well as the ever growing lily of the valley.