Saturday, April 30, 2011

Buttered Out

3 pounds butter

That is the amount of butter I used for the cookie dough, cupcakes and buttercream.

We will not mention the amount of sugar used...

Winding down and waiting for the cookies to dry so they can be wrapped and boxed. I have a beautiful roll of damask print ribbon for the cookie bags.

The chocolate pound cake cupcakes have the huge buttercream roses on top & are firming up the frosting in the fridge. I left them in the tins for transport since they are so heavy. The cupcakes were baked in silver foil cups and I made the lacy wrappers from doilies. Very bridal.

It took super hot soapy water and heavy rubber gloves to scrub all the butter from my pastry bags. My royal icing always goes in disposable bags so I just tossed those.

Off to do my quiet time. Need to get up extra early to finish packaging order.

We had a wonderful dinner out with my parents. C & I split a huge cheese burger & onion rings.

If you stop by my house this week, ask for a cupcake. We have LOTS.


  1. Wow Susan!! That's a lot of baking and decorating. They look great...when did you start doing non-cookie items for business?

  2. They all look beautiful! It amazes me the amount of butter and sugar in cakes and cookies when you measure in pounds!

    I have an order for my first tiered cake for a bridal shower next weekend. I also have to bake 3 dozen cupcakes to go with it!!! I am so nervous!!!

  3. Lisa-I only did the cupcakes as a favor. Baking cakes is way too stressful! The transport alone is scary.

    Jessie-you're a braver woman than I. They will turn out beautifully.

  4. Beautiful cookies and cupcakes! I bet you are glad to have that big order all complete. Nice job as always.