Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wisdom from my sister

Does every stay at home mom feel like September is actually the "start" of the year as opposed to January?  This past week, month has been busy.  Between the new quarter for children's ministry, managing the soccer team and prepping T for school, it has been non-stop action.

We have been very consistent in adhering to regular family devotions and it has been a welcome moment at the day's end.  If any body has ideas on what would be a resource for both 10 and 3 year old boys, let me know! 

Next week, my Tuesday Bible study starts up again and I am so excited for B & A to be teaching!  I miss the accountability, the prayer time, the mommy talks. 

Now on to the title of the post.  My sister, Lisa, was a guest blogger for a website and had some great thoughts to share on being a wife.


  1. Thanks for the plug! There will be lots more stuff every week from the various writers. In addition...I hope to be a regular contributor to the site.


  2. We love the new family devotional book our church gave to each family called "Long Story Short" by Marty Machowski. It uses three days to talk about a story one day to relate it to Christ, and one day to show a Psalm or passage from one of the prophets that points to Christ. He does a good job of applying truths to kids lives as well as grown-ups and provides opportunities for the children to ask parents for responses to questions as well. It gives tips in the foreword on how to use across the age span of kiddos and it works well for our family with four kids, oldest almost six.

  3. I second the book recommendation from "Aalderinks" it has been in our family worship circuit for about 9 months now. We usually "study" the passage that our preacher will teach on for the first half of the week and then use some more creative, hands-on curriculum for the second half (like the book recommended above). Have you ever looked at it Susan? It might be too young for T but I bet Jill is in the right age span for R & I. Lisa