Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall in the Midwest

Unlike my husband, I am thrilled when the hot, muggy days begin to give way to cool days and cooler nights.  Autumn has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. 

One of my favorite memories is a day spent raking my Grandma Fitzgerald's huge yard, heaping the leaves into massive piles that were twice the size of me or my sister, Jill.  (They seemed like small mountains).  The day was chilly and I remember getting cold even with my jacket on.  Burning leaves was the climax of our fun day and the smell of the huge bonfire and smoke was/is wonderful.

We have been "blessed" with many trees in our yard.  Unfortunately, leaves must now be bagged and placed curbside.  Adding insult to injury, the Village requires waste stickers on each bag.  We usually have around 30:( 

The fall baking has already begun.  In a few weeks, Meijer will have their apple sale.  They bring in about 10 varieties of fresh apples from Michigan and supply bags for filling.  For a flat price, one can cram as many apples as possible in a bag.  T & C help choose a colorful variety. We pile them into vintage bowls and use them for all kinds of baking.  Two favorite recipes are: chunky apple cake and apple butter.  I think I posted both recipes last fall....I will check & link back.

Seeing all the advertising for pumpkin spice lattes has made me want to learn how to make them at home.  Doesn't everything taste better homemade?  I will be trying this weekend and will post pics & review. 

Best news of all this week!  My sister, Lisa, had a baby girl!  After 3 boys, baby Hannah is a much anticipated arrival.  Cannot wait to meet her.

As for my adventures in vintage, T & I were out last night and I spotted a curious cookie jar shaped like a pig.  He looked "familiar" to me and I was fairly certain that he was a collector's item.  We scooped him up for $2.99 and here is his listing.  Found out that he is, indeed, a collector's item:


  1. Loved reading your post! I also love fall, but I don't get to experience it in Southern California. I guess our weather eventually gets cooler and the days more gray so those days make it feel more like fall. I began experimenting with Pumpkin Lattes at home. I almost have it down. The key is to use vanilla syrup for lattes and pumpkin. Last time I used too much pumpkin (1 Tablespoon per drink) and it was too much making it a tad bitter.

  2. I'm looking forward to your pumpkin latte review! Pumpkin is my favorite Fall flavor. I'll be following; you have a lovely blog here.