Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No More Jelly Jars

Once again, I resorted to a random container to hold jelly. 

The color of the jelly is so beautiful; it was made with very ripe red and yellow plums.  Mr. K.  gave me a giant bag of plums and they were on the verge of turning into wine.  After washing them and pulling out the pit (yes, they were that soft), I cooked them down in the Dutch oven.  When the peels were slipping off and the pot was a bubbling, fragrant mass, I added a bit at a time to my makeshift chinois.  The juice dripped slowly and I pressed the pulp.  The plums produced about 8-10 cups juice and a few cups of pulp.

Sugar and pectin added and...voila!...plum jelly.  I only had a few jars so the lot of it will sit a covered refrigerator dish.  I covered and saved the pulp because I remember reading that it makes fantastic fruit leather.  If anyone knows of a good fruit leather recipe, let me know!

Off to start my quiet time, the best part of my day.

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