Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Juices Are Flowing

Like everyone, I go through times of explosive creativity as well as dry times, where I have zero desire to start and/or finish any projects.
Maybe it's due to our ongoing basement rehab, but I have had a crazy yen to be crafty. As always, I am working on building my stockpile of upcycled wool mittens for the craft bazaar in November. A huge pile of wool scraps has been accumulating & I needed to decide whether to trash them or use them.

For what though?

I had an idea to fashion long strips of the wool into tight rosebuds. They looked pretty darling when I was done; something that I would definately wear.

Maybe on a beret, maybe on a barrette over a low chignon? I attached my first trial roses to a long barrette. Hopefully, I can bring this by church and ask some of the moms with daughters what they think. Thankfully, I have a few too many berets, so I used a garish pink one to "test" the idea. If it were an ivory, black or (best yet!) gray hat, I would be thrilled to wear it.

My other project came after months of searching for a chair for C. Now I didn't want a high chair or a booster, but a cute chair that suited our kitchen & made him feel like a big boy. Found my inspiration at Salvation Army in the form of an old, spindled oak high chair. It was solid and heavy, a steal at $8! T & I started our project during C's nap, removing the metal tray bars and sawing off a part of the arms (to fit perfectly at the table). We painted it a semi-gloss black. Love it!!


  1. love this! This is the first time that I have been able to properly see it. How come I never saw it in person??

  2. love this! This is the first time that I have seen it. How come I didn't ever get a chance to see this while on holiday? It's me, Lisa, by the way. This thing is being nuts and not letting me comment any other way. I even signed up for a google account and still not letting me. All of the heading are in arabic so maybe its telling me something critical that I don't know. :)

  3. You weren't there at C's b-day party. We were trying the roses in hair. It looked gorgeous next to the black glossiness of E's nieces.

  4. Found you on Raising Homemakers. My post was on repurposing old stuff - similar to your topic but different "stuff". Your roses look great!