Monday, July 26, 2010

Cookies & Queen Anne's Lace

Our big oscillating fan is hard at work for me tonight, drying the royal icing on cookies. A teacher from T's school requested that I make simple bell shaped cookies that said SMC on the front, the college where her friend is tying the knot this weekend. I prefer making wedding dress & cake cookies but these were a snap: two colors with minimum embellishment.
No worries about the tweezers in the picture; for applying dragees only, no eyebrows allowed;)

Last night we took a walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful night and the boys were restless. As we were rounding the corner home, T spotted a riot of Queen Anne's Lace. Others see it as a weed, but I am glad my Tman finds them as lovely as I do. C tried to swat at some from his stroller, too. We picked a few and stuck them in an old coke bottle. Such a cute "vase"-we keep it in the cupboard for inverting our angel food cakes. Lisa picked up the Petit Prince print for me when she & John were in Paris this spring. She knows me well!

We have an abundance of tomatoes in the garden now and have been picking them every day. Our neighbors are enjoying the bounty as well. I wish I had planted more cucumbers because they have been delicious. We eat them straight off the vine; most never make it inside. I wish I could make the cooked salsa like E's mom-sooo amazing. I need to watch her make it again and practice while my taste memory is still fresh.

God has been so good to me, to my family. Often I lay in bed after my quiet time, just thinking about His provision & grace in my life.

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