Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vintage Love

Some people collect coins, others collect dolls.

As for me, I have a fondness for Pyrex bowls and old tableclothes.

Old school Pyrex is best...the bright bowls, striped bowls, polka-dotted bowls, berry print bowls...This represents a little over half of my treasure:

I think Pyrex bowls are tied into good kitchen memories. I remember my mom making popcorn on the stove, shaking it in a big brown paper bag and serving it in our blue striped Pyrex.

Aside from the charm of the bowl's appearance, they are excellent for stirring big batches of muffins, jam or letting dough rise on the back of the stove.

Care for your bowls by hand washing. The dishwasher will not harm them, but will dull the bright colors. I have a ridiculous number of Pyrex bowls, pans & pie plates and have yet to break one.

The stack of tableclothes represent the choices for summer. I have a seperate stack for fall & winter use: darker toile, orange checks, and a quilted maroon & rose (my favorite, I think?).

I was able to enjoy sorting and organizing today after a voluntary emptying of the contents of the kitchen cabinets. Around 9am, I spied a carpenter ant and discovered a few clustered around the honey jar. More than 12 hours later, I fear I may have overreacted...however, my cabinets are immaculate and my pantry is sparkling and organized. Maybe God sent those carpenter ants my way to help me be productive and organized.

I also found my bun warmer in a cupboard! There are two pans. A small bit of simmering water is place in the bottom pan and the inner pan in filled with hot-from-the-oven rolls. There is even a little vent to let steam escape, thus preventing soggy rolls. Inspires me to make some rosemary whole wheat rolls tomorrow. Or maybe pretzel bread.

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