Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Chair is Done (Finally!)

Last night I finished the back cushion and covered buttons on the red toile chair.

In March, I had found this gem of a little chair at Salavtion Army. It was covered in a hideous faded floral fabric, but the lines of the wood were lovely and it was sturdy. In my mind, I envisioned it recovered with the vintage red toile I had purchased about 10 years ago in Virginia.
It is my first upholstery project and I am happy with the results. Youtube's instruction videos were a tremendous help!! The chair is darling and so comfortable. However, don't look too closely at some of the seams if you visit....
Here are a few before & after pictures:
Half the ruffle is finished, prior to tacking down:

We have had a roller coaster of emotions here this week, but have been leaning heavily on our Lord. He never disappoints, He never fails to answer a prayer for comfort and peace.
We are blessed and in love with Him!


  1. it looks really good...couldn't get a close enough view to see if you added the "cording" to it???

  2. No, I did not add cording. I have the foot for that on my antique Pfaff sewing machine, but not the little blue Kenmore. I need to get the Pfaff repaired :(
    Miss you!!