Thursday, August 19, 2010

God is Good, All the Time

Words cannot express the pure joy and thankfulness that are pouring from my heart. A few moments ago, I received a call from Enrique. My calm, gentle giant of a husband was so excited...he was actually talking faster than me (shocking, I know). Two weeks ago, he arrived at work to be told that he was terminated without cause due to "restructuring" of the company. We were stunned and crushed, but began praying for God's will.

Through some amazing circumstances, he was offered a job today. There are no coincidences in the timing. I have been journaling, noting all the places we have seen and felt God's presence this week. The list is looooonnnggg. Thank you to all who have been praying. You cannot put my Savior in a box, no way.

During the days that Enrique has been here at the house, he has been helping me with a project. The family room window is now graced with a beautiful cornice. He constructed it from 2 boards and I attached a wooden medallion and scrolls for a low relief effect. A quick wash of white paint and it looks wonderful. Cannot wait to stitch a garland magnolia leaves so that we can drape it over the cornice come Christmas. Maybe some mistletoe, too!

Apologies for the mediochre picture:

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  1. I love reading praises and things God has done! Thanks for sharing!