Monday, September 20, 2010

Favorite Beauty Staple

Those of you who know me well also know that I adore all things "girly", especially perfume, cosmetics, creams, etc. Having used hundreds of different products, I have found a few that I repurchase again and again. Here is a short list of some of my favorites:

1) Jergen's Cold Cream

It doesn't get more old school than this, ladies. It's basically a giant tub of the greasiest pink cold cream that $3 can buy. The smell is subtle albeit a bit floral and it is very rich. Don't think I would recommend this to someone with oily skin, but if you have dry skin and are not prone to break outs, this stuff is golden.

2) Seche Vite
If you like pretty I like pretty nails...then Seche Vite is a terrific investment. It dries nail polish quickly and thoroughly. Essie nail polish is my preferred brand of color:)

3) Avon Glazewear
Hands down, best lipgloss. My current favorite shade is Island Glow, a taupe-y champagne-y sheer glaze.

4)Fleurs et Chocolat
Fresh came out with this perfume years ago, originally debuted as "Lucia". I love the blend of sweet oranges and bitter chocolate, scent perfection for me. It has been discontinued (again!) and I had to purchase from ebay. I keep it squirreled away in a dark drawer to preserve the scent as much as possible. My other favorites are offensive to some: Diptyque's "L'ombre dans l'eau", Theirry Mugler's "Angel" and the original YSL "Champagne", so I don't wear them often. My husband does love the Champagne (I have an original bottle of the parfum bought at Marshall Fields), so I sometimes dab a teensy drop on my neck. It is an amazing scent, intense and beautiful.

5) Olive Oil
That's right. I love to use olive oil on my face as a quick cleanser, massage medium. It feels wonderful and my skin thanks me. In addition, I have used baking soda as an extremely gentle scrub. It is non abrasive and my skin is baby soft after. Fresh lemon juice & sugar make an excellent body scrub for dry winter skin.

What are your favorite beauty products?


  1. Olive oil as a cleanser?? I have heard of using it for many things but never this.

    My favorites:
    1) Oil of Olay moisturizing cream with spf.

    2. Redken Outshine anti-frizz polishing milk

    3. Burts Beeswax chap stick

    Actually, now that I typed the burt's thing I'm feeling like my lips are about to crack. better go.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm following. :) Lately, I have digressed to my teenage years, and have been using Noxzema. I just love the cool freshness!

  3. My favorite is... hmmm... witch hazel! *embarrassing blush*

  4. Hello, well I'm not one for beauty treatments! But I wanted to say that I've explored your blog and I will definately visit you again! You have some great ideas, thanks for sharing! Mandy

  5. I use fresh squeezed lemon on my face and if I need moisture, I use the tiniest bit of organic coconut oil. Also, you can toss Skintimate Shave Gels and use coconut oil instead. I have been doing that for a few years now. Thanks for sharing your list!