Wednesday, September 1, 2010


OK, a quick rant and rave tonight before I head off to do my quiet time & curl up with a good book and tea. (Night off from sewing!)

The RIDICULOUS amount of Halloween "superstores" cropping up in our area. They are tasteless. With the rotten state of our country's economy, do people really need to be indulging in cheap rubber masks and sleazy costumes?? The advertisements from Party City are bordering on soft porn. And I am not being sarcastic.

I made rosettes this afternoon for a special snack for after school. Yes, we saved some for my charming husband, too. They were AMAZING!

Off to drink tea & have my quiet time.


  1. Agreed on the rant. Americans are starting to spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday besides Christmas- what a colossal waste of resources.

  2. Agreed too. We are just going to reuse my daughters (wholesome thank God) dance recital costume from this year's recital, it was a cowgirl outfit. Or just come up with something from around the house. Even the outfits for little girls are really bordering if not over the edge of scandalous. It's such a shame and incredibly sad.

    Also, what are rosettes? They look amazing!

  3. Yum! Those look delicious. I'm sure that E was thankful you saved some for him.

    You would probably appreciate living here because most stores don't even have a section for Halloween and those that do are very small.

  4. Yes, Yes, I agree about these ridiculous halloween stores !! My mom and I used to make rosettes at christmas...gotta say sometimes this gluten free thing can be a drag ! :(

    I love Rosettes !!