Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Their Trash=My Treasure

Wanted to post a few pictures of my living room, much of it having been dragged home on amnesty day or discovered & revamped post-thrift store.

Several of these hats belonged to my Grandma Fitzgerald. They are propped up by all sorts of old candlesticks, wine bottles, etc. to get the varying heights. The armoire is one of the 1st pieces I purchased myself (along with my purple chaise) when I was a single, working girl. It is loaded with old pressed glass, my china, chargers, silver and tablecloths. Currently it is housing my cache of felted wool mittens that I am preparing for the Christmas fair.

Don't know if I will ever stop liking this chaise lounge. As mentioned earlier, I spied it at Hufford Furniture and thought that it was so lovely with beautiful lines and heavy, tufted fabric. It has moved with me MANY times and will likely be recovered someday. The picture is a gift from my parents and the Venetian mirror is the real deal, found in the basement of a Fredricksburg, VA antique store.

Here is the little chair that I reupholstered (detailed in earlier post). Behind it is a fun, HUGE oil painting that was salvaged from a coach house in Chicago. My friend's husband rescued the painting & they generously gifted this gem to me!

What you don't see is the very messy antique Pfaff in the background as it is piled high with my sewing projects!


  1. wow! Those old hats are amazing! And even more special that they came from family. Thanks for visitng me :) Mandy

  2. Mom and Dad got that picture for you?? I never knew. I can't believe that you would want to reupholster that chaise lounge. I think the heavy grape design is what brings so much personality to it.