Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy Week to Come

January has been a crazy month.

My uncle passed away suddenly last Sunday & we were awash in sadness at his passing. My aunt will be learning life without her dear husband and struggling to tend to the needs of my Grandma (still in nursing home). If you can remember to pray for MaryLou, please do.

On our home front, the boys have been sick all week with fevers that have now become coughs. Charlie is obsessed with Magic School Bus and has been watching it on a "circuit"...permitted because it is better than him running around & starting a coughing jag. Note: I know all the words to the theme song.
My etsy store is doing well! I sold a pair of mittens this week & last night a leather bag. It sold quickly for $50. Guess how much I paid for it? $1.50. YES, a buck fifty. T man spotted it at the thrift store and I looked it over carefully, wondering why it said $1.50 as is. I suppose a little dirty leather made them thing it was a hopeless bag. A little saddle soap, elbow grease & buffing later-voila! BEAUTIFUL. You can check out my etsy page at: Check under sales and you can see the stellar results.

Need to contact a woman who called me about a cookie order. I completed an order for her last year & she was wonderful to work with.

Finally, I am so excited to cook for Ladies Game Night this Saturday. We have 40 people signed up so far, possible more after tomorrow's sign-up deadline. Per a few requests, I will be making my chicken, mushroom & wild rice soup. Not sure about the other soups yet. Maybe black bean for a vegetarian option and probably chili so we can gussy it up with topping options. Original plan was to make several pies & have hot bread as well. My mind is simplifying some of those details, but it will all be good!! My friends Jessie & Kelly & maybe more are going to be cooking with me & adult conversation will be one of the highlights of the week for me.
The picture I posted was from the last Ladies Night that I cooked for. Our sweets table!

And I hit my goal last night for January-working out 20 days of the month. Woohoo!

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  1. Those cupcakes look delectable!! I just got a event notification from FBC that said at the game night a "light meal" would be served...after reading about your prep I'm thinking "light" isn't a good word choice. Sounds delicious!!! Can I come?