Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Project from Whitney Sews- Tattered Flowers

There is a fantastic series on youtube to which I recently subscribed. Here is a tutorial for a hand sewn project. Really simple, really lovely. She has many video tutorials for sewing projects and even some cooking ideas.

I made 2 of the tattered flowers this afternoon during C's nap and finished them off with some vintage buttons. The taffeta flower is quite frayed; I used a remnant of black & white plaid taffeta that was in my late Grandma Fitzgerald's sewing box. The pink rosette is from a vintage satin chemise that I found for 45 cents. I think I may make several of the pink ones for a Valentine's bunting.

Think I may attach to a small elastic & use to secure a ponytail.

Happy Monday & Thank You to Whitney Sews!


  1. Sounds like an excellent addition for next year's Christmas fair. :-)

  2. Cute idea with the ponytail and all...but I think you'll have to show me the tattered one in your hair looking cute to win me over on the tattered look. However, I give it two thumbs up that it comes from Grandma Fitz.

  3. adorable! I love the new blog look by the way:)