Sunday, February 27, 2011

Costco Favorites

We purchased a membership to Costco this year. Initially, we chose to purchase it because E's contact lens Rx was about $80 less expensive at Costco, literally paying the $50 membership & then some. Although the bulk of my grocery shopping is done at local stores, there are a few items at Costco that are sooooo good and worth the (slightly) extra expense. I have found that when I buy their big bags of produce, none is spoiled or wasted. Really fresh, high quality.

My favorites (in no particular order):

1) Fage 0% Greek yogurt. Dense, decadent. Swirl in a tad of homemade jam or honey.

2) Persian cucumbers. No waste here. They are so crunchy, we polish off the 2lb bag in no time.

3) Mini sweet peppers. Bright red, orange & yellow peppers. Sweet, crispy & great snack food.

4) Tabouleh- I have had my fair share of tabouleh and this stuff is the best I have ever had. Perfect balance of lemon, garlic, parsley...mmm.

5) Rotisserie chicken. Again, best (& biggest!) I have ever had. At $4.99, it is 2 meals for us.

This weekend, I will be trying their cake as it is T's & R's birthday party for the family. I will weigh in on the cake then. Cake is, after all, my weakness.
Here is a pic of the dried cookies!

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