Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Crying Girl

Have you ever met a random stranger for whom you wanted to show kindness?
Did you seize the moment? Did you walk away?

Today I walked away. Tonight I am wishing that I had seized the moment...
While strolling through Goodwill, scanning for bargains, I was waiting to "pass" by a man who worker there. He was busy listening to a woman (about my age) as she poured out her heart to him. She talked about missing her mom so much among other things. Then she started crying a little. My heart went out to her...she seemed like a regular but very lonely girl.
Someone who needed kindness.
And I walked away.
About 5 minutes later, she happened to be about 5 feet from the rack where I was hunting for vintage treasures. Someone else engaged her, made small talk. And I walked away again despite a prompting from the Holy Spirit.
No surprise that she ended up in line right behind me at the checkout. I smiled and then told her that I liked something she was buying. Her face lit up and we made our own small talk, only to be interrupted by me purchasing my items. By now, I felt the full force of conviction. "Ask her if there is something she needs you to pray for!" "Ask her is she would like to come to your Tuesday study!" "Show her love, compassion!"
And I walked away.
The walk to the car was sickening. My feet wanted to turn around but my pride was blazing, thinking of every excuse not to care for this lost girl. For a moment, I searched for a pen, thinking that I would give her a contact, something....then when I couldn't find one, there was a sense of relief, soon followed by disappointment in myself.
I am writing this as an encouragement to everyone to "seize the moment". My fleeting embarrassment would have been much better than the shame and disappointment I felt. However, I promise that if I ever see her again, I will not walk away. There is a sneaking suspicion that I may get a second chance.
Matthew 25:40
“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’


  1. Thanks for sharing this Susan. It makes me want to look for and be sure to seize the moments in my days instead of just plodding through my "to do" lists.

  2. Thanks for being real! Ive had many moments like this, but Lord willing next time we will jump at the need :)

  3. I am actually shocked that you didn't find something to say to her as I am amazed at the conversations you strike up. This is certainly a good lesson though and God taught you through it. Lord, help us find ways to display your crazy love!