Monday, November 15, 2010


"May your unfailing love be my comfort..."
Psalm 119:76

Have you ever experienced something that made you smile?

Smile at the fierce way that God shows His love to us?

Tonight was one of those moments.

My dad has not been feeling very well and suffering from a kidney stone. Tonight he was admitted to the hospital so that he could receive antibiotics & fluids. My mom is visiting my Grandma in Indiana, so I drove my dad to the hospital.

It's been a frustrating month of health issues for him. We sat in the waiting room while they prepared a bed and I asked my dad if I could pray for him. I prayed specifically:
"Lord, just surround my dad with comfort. Put a hedge of comfort and peace around him".

In a few minutes, we were getting him settled into his room and a smiling, tiny nurse came in. She said, "I will be taking care of you tonight. My name is Comfort".

Say what!?

So I actually asked her (because I didn't believe my own ears)...."Did you say your name was Comfort?"

And she just smiled and said, "Yes, Comfort".

My dad & I shared a smile. There is no coincidence here. Not sure about you, but I have never heard the name Comfort before tonight. We even told the nurse about what I just prayed and she had a little twinkle in her eye.

Thank you, God, for comfort and Comfort. May she take excellent care of my dad tonight.


  1. What a neat story of encouragement for you both. I just skyped with Jill and heard about Dad before I just read this. I'm glad to know how I can be praying specifically for him.

  2. I love love the way God shows up in funny ways! Praying for your dad.

  3. That's amazing!! My dad is sick right now too. Ugh! But God sends His comfort in due time.

    Your blog reminds me of mine. Nice to meet you!!

  4. That is awesome. I was at the hospital earlier this week with a threatened miscarriage and my nurse's name was "Peace". God is pretty amazing!

  5. Oh, I love this! God is good--even when we have to deal with kidney stones.