Sunday, November 7, 2010


The total of the craft fair and a few pre-sales of mittens was a nice chunk of change. (There was very little investment on my part as I had purchased the bulk of the sweaters during springtime when they were generally around $1 each). Those who know me, know that I enjoy some of it will be going into the bank.


I have been wanting to replace my Uggs. This is year 4 and they have served me well; they are so well made and very warm. Unfortunately, I do think some of the issues with plantar fascitis (swelling and irritation of tissue on bottom of foot) have not been helped by wearing the Uggs from October to March.

So, I found another pair of boots on Zappos that I fell in love with. Can't wait until they arrive. They are made by Frye and have been rumored to last upwards of 20+ years as well as improve with age. Here's a picture:

We spent the day relaxing. I scrubbed down the kitchen, even the refrigerator. E & T raked all the leaves from the huge magnolia tree. C lived up to his nickname of "Hurricane" by dumping a box of Blueberry mini-wheats onto Josie (whom I had just meticulously groomed). An improvement from his earlier escapade of emptying an entire tube of Vaseline on his hair and in his ear.

Off to bed with tea and a good book. Reading Under a Thousand Splendid Suns. Great book, hard to put down!


  1. Yee-haw! I think that's all I have to say. :)

  2. I will let you borrow them when you visit if you wear socks. I know the effect you have on leather.