Thursday, December 30, 2010

Curbside Treasure

Simply driving home from the fabric store, I noticed what appeared to be a shiny new crock pot. The box was packed flat next to it, so I tossed it in the van and decided to inspect it at home.
Turns out that I now am the proud owner of a Williams-Sonoma All Clad Deluxe stainless programmable slow cooker with cast iron insert! And it works! After a thorough scrubbing in hot, soapy water, it is now cooking white turkey chili for our dinner.
Check out Williams-Sonoma website; it retails for $400. Never would I have paid that-my $30 crockpot works great. But if someone wants to leave it out for me, gladly will I receive such generous offerings.


  1. Wow Sis!! I can't believe your finds. I'm feeling a bit jealous...that's a beautiful crock pot! I have beef stew in my kenwood one now to be ready for lunch after John preaches at church tomorrow.

  2. That is just crazy! I can't believe someone would toss that. Glad you were there to rescue it. :)