Friday, December 17, 2010

Saint Nick is Heading the the Nursing Home

Struggling seamstress? Yes.
Future Taxidermist? No.

On Monday, my mom & I will be heading to southern Indiana to visit my Grandma as well as take Josie in for her surgery. My Grandma has been recently placed in a nursing home as she recovers from a broken pelvis. She is very homesick and understandably sad.
C is coming with us & his 2 year old exuberance lights up a room. Today I decided that it would be fun to dress him up like a little St. Nick...he already has the round, rosy cheeks nailed. An old pair of red sweat pants served as trousers & I added a little white tail. I trimmed a little red sweatshirt with scraps from a stuffed animal that I cut up. (It was a pristine white poodle of T's that had been in storage for years). T helped me choose buttons and a scrap of rayon for a belt.
Seriously, it is the most ghetto outfit ever, but I don't think the residents will mind.
He will wear it with his favorite cowboy boots & a red Santa hat. I am going to bring a sack that we will fill with Clementines so he can hand an orange to everyone he sees.
Here is the head of the poodle that we sacrificed for the sake of all things kitschy. Josie is not to thrilled with her new couture.


  1. that is hilarious!!! wanted to thank u for the pretzel, rolo, nut basket idea!! Phil & I think it will be the new favorite of our chocolate makings!!! xoxo


  2. I can't wait to see pics of Charlie all dressed up! He will bring a lot of joy to the residents there. I hope that you have a nice time with Grandma. You've already left...but I would have told you to give her a kiss from me.