Monday, December 6, 2010

Hurricane C

Mr. C, our 2 year old, lived up to his nickname of "Hurricane" today.

Too tired to post much, but he ended up with 3 staples in his head.

Fell off the chaise lounge into the coffee table.

Aside from the scary aspect of seeing your child hurt, I am grateful for many things:

1) That my Dad was there with a cool head and fatherly-grandfatherly wisdom.

2) That it was just a gash on his noggin and not a concussion, broken bone, etc.

3) Modern medicine! Thankful for kind nurses & doctors.

4) That I didn't hit my head when I almost passed out (embarrassing).

5) That C is sleeping soundly and was up to his usual tricks tonight...he was playing with the Nativity scene & moving the people around, later sliding them down his play slide. We are now minus Joseph and one of the Magi.

6) Thankful that T came in from school and said that we should pray that C feels better; he loves his brother & has such a tender heart of mercy.

Good night, all. Lunches made, crock pot set. The cookies can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Oh no! My oldest son seemed drawn to our coffee table, corner trim pieces, and the like when he was that age. Many "goose-eggs" at random points on his head. It can be so scary!

    Hope he's feeling better now that a few days have passed :)


  2. I just realized my post didn't "take" from a few days ago...

    I'm glad Charlie is okay. He really must have hit his head hard because you have always claimed that he has one of the hardest heads of a little boy that you know, right? Is staples the new thing they do? How's he doing now? He seemed in good spirits when I saw him on Skype last night.