Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Indiana Visit

What a trip!
Here is a photo of Chuckles all decked out for his nursing home trip. We stayed at my Grandma's house for two nights. It was the oddest thing when we pulled up to a dark house. Never has there been a time that my Grandma (and Grandpa when he was alive) has not been waiting for us, flicking on the porch light and greeting us with cookies and hugs.
My cousin Jeff drove down with my us. Since he is serving in missions in Costa Rica, we do not get to visit with him often. My mom & I both agreed that it was wonderful to talk with him about his life, reminisce about old times and enjoy each other's company. We also discovered the Donut long john I have ever eaten, scary delicious, actually.
It is probable that the next time I see my Grandma will be in heaven. She has lived a long life, served her family and loved her Savior well. I hope and pray that I can say the same when I am called home.
Lots of prep work accomplished today, more to tackle tomorrow.
Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!!

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  1. Wow Charlie!! You look so old here...and super cute! Are those the same Woody boots or have you had to buy new ones? I'm glad that you got to spend time with's been SO LONG since I've seen them.