Monday, July 25, 2011

Overflowing Cherry Jam

This past week has been sooooooo busy! 

Last week, I volunteered to be the Manager for T's soccer team, thinking that this role was pretty simple: emailing game times, snack sign ups, etc.  Um, yeah.  Let's just say that I now understand why God was telling me to take some things off my plate.  No complaints, though, because I am so excited to meet new families and friends and be a light in my community.

Mid-week, Mr. Kerr called to tell me he had some cherries and wanted to know if I would like some.  We drove to his home and he gave me about 12 pounds (yes, 12!) of amazing bing cherries.  They were dark, sweet and ready to eat.  Obviously, there is no way we could eat those cherries without having serious intestinal we made jam.

My nails and fingers are still slightly tinged with purple from the massive pile of cherries that I pitted.  I used the immersion blender to chop them since I know it would create more juices than chopping by hand.  Stirred in the sugar to absorb the juice and then the pectin. 

This is some scary delicious jam.

We drove a jar to Mr. Kerr later in the evening.  What a wonderful gift he has given us by his generous heart.  I did not mention that he also gave me mini organic Brussels sprouts, red peppers, yellow peppers, organic carrots and 5 packages of Emmantaler cheese from Whole Foods!!!  Yep, those will be in the freezer until fondue night. 

On a side note, if AMy K. or Julie C. or any other size 0-2 gals are reading this, I have a very cute pair of Paper, Denim and Cloth jeans (dark) that I thrifted.  Up for the first taker!

This photo was from 1 year ago.  Our fun trip with Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles & all the cousins.

This week:
-I surpassed over $1K profit from etsy since I started a few months back:)
-We had a date night at the Wyndham!
-DG was lambasted with insane thunderstorms
-Our A/C crashed, but it was an inexpensive fix
-I started reading an updated "My Utmost for His Highest" to go along with my old school copy-it's been wonderful reading them side by side.

Off to the post office to ship a huge set of Pyrex bowls.


  1. 1K...that's still 1,000, right?!? I'm shocked!! I had no idea that your etsy would be that profitable. I'm so excited for you.

    While I'm excited for you...I'm also a little bit annoyed with you. ;-) How rude to write a detailed explanation of the bing cherries you received. Don't you know that I've been doing my best buying the Iranian ones here. They aren't too bad but they don't come close to the wonderful Washington cherries. All will be forgiven if you save a jar to have at mom and dad's house for Christmas time.

    We just watched the family video yesterday from our trip to Chicago 2010 and reminisced of the good memories. Sigh. Can't wait to make new ones with everyone plus Chun-Lee and Hannah/Joseph.

  2. Me me me me!!!! If they fit, that is. Julie is probably a 0 in jeans. I am only a 0 in skirts/dresses, I am a 2 in jeans.