Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Art for Our Walls

This past August, my friend and very talented photographer, Kelly, took photos of my family. The pictures were fantastic and we were excited to have them displayed in our home. I finally hung two of the big pictures tonight. They are really big and I chose a black beaded and distressed frame. Matting made the pictures too big for our small spaces, so I chose this simple frame.

I still have 2 8x10s to hang next to these. I just couldn't resist showing off Kelly's amazing skills. If you live in the Chicago area, don't miss the opportunity to have Kelly take your pictures. She is gracious, kind and excellent with children. Here is a link from Hop Skip Photography that chronicles the session:


After a not-so-memorable dinner (don't ask; just know it is a recipe I will never pass on to my worst enemy), I worked on gussying up a "boughten" Goody headband. I had left over scraps from reupholstering my chair, so I used the vintage red toile and sewed a slipcover of sorts for the headband. Next I carefully sewed on two of the felted wool rosettes as well as 2 moss green felted leaves. The leaves were embroidered with sage thread on the machine. The results were darling & I think these will be great sellers at the DGCS Craft Bazaar. Not sure how to price them-ideas??


  1. Kelly did such a great job! Love the photos!

  2. Thanks Susan! So exciting for me to see the photos in frames and up on walls.