Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late October=Changing of the Linens

One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets chilly is to change out my bedroom linens. Yesterday afternoon I took off our spring/summer bedding and took some winter linens down from the top closet shelf.

Beautiful golden and pale green cabbage roses are the print on my linen down summer comforter. The reverse is a mint green ticking and the roll pillows share that pattern. Our curtains are loden green with a plain white cotton behind. Summer means all cotton sheets, the higher the thread count the better! (And you can often find great deals on well made sheets if you can compromise on color. They last much longer, feel luxurious and wash well). One of my favorite things to find at garage sales, thrift stores is vintage embroidered pillowcases. If they have been well cared for, the cotton is usually buttery soft and silky thin.

I also have a vintage white chenille queen spread that I keep on the foot of the bed. Charlie & I use it as a light blanket before stories and naptime each afternoon. It's a big treat to climb onto Mommy's big bed for naps.

Here is the bedding that is hanging over our railing, airing out for winter storage:

This year, I chose the plum bedding that has been "out of rotation" for 3 years. E & I were gifted a beautiful black & white damask bedding set for our wedding and I have been using that for the last 3 winters. I would like it to last a long time, so I'm giving it a "rest" in stotage. The plum comforter is very heavy, perfect for winter-a patchwork of velvet, suede and silk shantung. The whole back is a brushed suede. Winter means the flannel sheets are back!! I put my purple set on yesterday and added the essential electric blanket. I enjoy turning the blanket on a few minutes before bed...nice toasty sheets to crawl between.

Out came the heavy drapes, so heavy that they pulled the hardware out of the wall yesterday and I performed an impromptu repair. They are plum velvet & chenille, great at insulating & keeping the room dark.

If you see bedding on a terrific sale, it is really nice to have a couple sets to change for the seasons, especially if you have hot summers and icy winters like we do. Besides the practical aspects, it is really exciting when spring (or fall) is just around the corner and I celebrate by changing the bedroom.

Off to make that cozy bed...something I need to do everyday but don't always succeed. Work in progress, work in progress, work in progress....

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