Friday, October 29, 2010

Felted Woolapalooza

My sweet niece, R, was more than happy to model some of my wool creations. Although the hats are women's size, they do look pretty adorable on her.

If you were to stop by my home tonight, you would likely be aghast at the amount of wool scraps on my floor. They are especially "heavy" around the computer, because I have spent the last few nights trimming, shaping and sewing wool roses while I watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents on hulu.
I finished making 40 pairs of mittens from recycled sweaters that I felted. Each sweater was 100% wool and I pieced together some funky combinations. The purple Fair isle are my favorite, but I threw together many colors, stripes and designs. The wonderful grandma of a former youth group student passed on her pattern and I know she loved the creativity when she made mittens. They are all lined with plush fleece; cannot even describe how warm & wonderful they feel.

From the wool scraps emerged my many flowers, from which I fashioned barrettes and brooches as well as embellishments for all wool berets. No glue used; all hand sewn.

Not sure which beret I like the most, probably the tan with the huge red rose. It is actually the back of a rose that I had shaped...when I went to sew the leaves on the back, it was so pretty that I decided to keep it faced out backwards.

Barrettes, barrettes, barrettes.

Mostly roses, one with a vintage button in the center.

And one flaming magenta coxcomb, fashioned from the old velvet of a pillow. It is so pretty up close. (Coxcomb are my favorite dried flowers).

Enfin, just above the old radio where I photographed my wool "stuff" is a very scary picture. Found years ago in the basement of my favorite Fredricksburg, VA antiques store. It still gives me the creeps, in a good way.


  1. Susan, you did a really nice job on everything! I bet your display will do fantastic this year! Are you also doing some of your milk glass pieces and stuff like that? Please take a photo of your table. Also...Rachel looks so grown up and cute!

  2. I really like the tan hat and red wool rose...cute!!! :)