Friday, October 8, 2010

Wrapping Up the Week

What a long, exhausting week we have had.

C woke up on Monday night and his coughing escalated into what I can only describe as a "barking seal sound". Certain that he was having a bout of the croup, we spent much of the night in the small bathroom with the door shut and the shower blasting. I think that we maybe shared 4 hours of sleep between Enrique, C & myself. My friend Kriztina generously let me borrow her nebulizer and we began using it promptly on Tuesday. The nebulizer, coupled with a humidifier, helped significantly. We are still playing catch-up on our sleep, though. (A few drops of peppermint essential oil in the humidifier were brilliant-and the house smells great, too!. Here is a shot of our darling barking seal:

My Dyson kicked the bucket this week so I began researching vacuums. My mom has an older Electrolux and my sister swears by her Oreck. Both of their vacuums are efficient and do a thorough job...but out of my price range. I finally found a Hoover that was $300 at Bed Bath & Beyond, $240 with coupon. You would have thought it was Christmas; we were so excited to try out the new vacuum. It is fabulous!!!!! Yes, 4 exclamation points fabulous!!!! I was shocked at how much stuff my Dyson had been leaving behind. So thankful that my husband is an excellent provider and we are able to purchase nice things that help me keep house.

To cap off the week, T's team won their soccer game tonight and I took a bath with Matt and Randy. Here is a picture of the two bathers in question. Well, just Randy. Matt is still soaking in the tub:

Let me explain. When T was little, his favorite bath time toys were 2 fireman (Matt & Randy). They would always be propped on the tub's edge, ready to fight crime and bubbles. After a missions trip to Mexico, Matt & Randy were joined by an assortment of plastic wrestlers. One day, T asked (rather loudly) if I wanted to take a bath with Matt & Randy or just the Mexican wrestlers. And there you have it. I don't recommend taking a bubble bath with the wrestlers because they get hidden under the suds and can be sharp if stepped on.

I need to retire now. Good night.

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