Sunday, October 17, 2010

Red White & Blue Cookies in October

On Tuesday I got a request to do 8 dozen star cookies in red, white & blue for a ground breaking ceremony. The customer has ordered the same cookies from me a couple of years ago and I was happy to oblige.

My week is very full and Mondays are the token "crazy day" around here, so I began them at 9pm when the boys were in bed. It's much easier to scrub down the kitchen, bake and decorate without 2 little boys around. Enrique is always a helpful taste tester and willingly accepts all reject cookies.

They were simple cookies. Bright marbled royal icing on most and I encrusted several with white sanding sugar.

Here are some Irish Dancing Shoe cookies:

And telephone cookies for a gentleman celebrating 90 years! (He worked for the phone company in earlier years. The rotary dial is white fondant, cut & placed on the wet royal icing:


  1. Wow, I am really amazed by your cookies! I love making sugar cookies (I think i might today since we are having some rare rainy days in San Diego)but I am not as great with the details of decorating something specific. I always admire people like you who have the ability to decorate so nicely. Thanks for sharing this with "Sweet Sunday!"

  2. Your cookies are always amazing Susan but I must say you find the most adorable ribbons to compliment them. You really have a talent for putting together the whole package. By the way...just looking at these photos is making me want one. Any chance that you could mail one my way? :)

  3. Susan, Thank you for this. What a treat. The red/white/and blue cookies are amazing.... the swirls! Will enjoy your blog! Best, Matilda