Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tissue Holder Tutorial

Who doesn't appreciate a handmade Christmas gift?

The first weekend of November is exciting for me because I get to have a booth at a local craft bazaar. Sewing and creating is relaxing for me and I look forward to making items that are affordable and that others would be delighted to give as a gift.

Several years ago, my friend Amy made a tissue holder for me. Just a simple fabric case (with some cute trim), that holds a single packet of travel tissues. I keep it in my Bible and it's been handy for runny noses or the crying sessions we sometimes have in our women's groups. These tissue holders are pretty standard craft fare so I wanted to make some cutesy, kitschy ones to sell as stocking stuffers, tiny hostess gifts, etc.

After I deconstructed my holder, I couldn't believe the ease of making one. This is a simple project for a novice. (Remember, I taught myself to sew by trial and error & watching youtube!!). A half yard of fabric will yield about 8 tissue holders. (I used flannel as it was on sale for $2.80 per yard). You will also need some coordinating ribbon or trim.

For each holder, you will need:
-three 6.5 inch x 5 inch squares of fabric
-two 6.5 inch lengths of ribbon or trim
-straight pins & scissors

Cut squares from fabric and lay one of the squares aside (this is the back of holder). Fold two of the pieces in half, printed side out. Securely pin folded pieces. (Sorry about lackluster pics; want a new camera but don't need one).

Stitch down your ribbon along the folded edge of each piece....

Next, lay both ribboned halves, RIBBON SIDE DOWN on the third piece of fabric. The third piece needs to be printed side facing in:

Pin front and back together and mark dimensions for finished product: 5 inches by 3.5 inches.

Sew 5 x 3.5 inch rectangle onto fabric and neatly trim excess:

Now for the fun part. Turn your creation right-side-out and place small tissue packet inside.

Finished! A sweet, inexpensive gift for a friend. I have made several different styles: peanut butter & jelly print with rick rack, chocolate & pink print and a vintage brown toile (upholstery fabric). Be creative & have fun.

We all have the flu/sore throat/cold here today. Luckily, roast chicken was on the meal plan so I opted to toss the whole chicken into the crockpot this morning. Added egg noodles later & we had yummy soup for dinner.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Really cute Susan. I can't believe how crafty you keep getting. Grandma Wilder is probably proud that some grandchild knows how to use a needle, thread and machine. By the the upholstery one from your chair? You have used that for many crafts, yes? What price are you selling these for?

  2. $2.50-that's fair since they cost me about 40 cents each and take about 10 minutes to make. Aunt Margaret gave me Grandma Fitzgerald's old sewing boxes and I have made good use of the many spools of thread and notions. Yep, that vintage toile has gone a loooong way. If you want to have my old sewing machine and can tote it back to Dubai on your next visit, it's yours!

  3. Simple & cute! Looks like a great gift project for one of my daughters :)

  4. LOVE these! Definitely going to make some :)