Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Week Recap

Tuesday-Transmission acting up on van. Estimate from AAMCO-around $3K, maybe more!
Wednesday-Sold Odyssey to dealer for very fair price, bad trans and all
Thursday-Purchased Town & Country at dealer for EXCELLENT price

Along with some other "stuff" that happened, it was a comfort to know that none of this took God by surprise. Psalm 94:18-19!

Today I am starting on a cookie order for a beautiful little girl turning one-she is darling. They are ladybug cookies & I will post when I am done.

Sold a few items on etsy and went to a fabulous estate sale. Took C. Dill with me and we had a great time. Some amazing finds...takes work to research, photograph and list so a few are on etsy now, the rest later.

We walked to ACS to drop Trevor off for school and realized how lovely it is to take a walk in the early part of the day. The allergies were off the charts, but it was still wonderful.