Friday, May 27, 2011

Garage Sale

Today was Day 1 of our "Radical" garage sale.
Our Tuesday morning Bible study has been reading Crazy Love & Radical this spring. Intense and challenging in so many ways.
Among the many radical things my friend Amy has done, this past spring she really lived out the command to care for the orphans. She adopted her second little boy from Africa, this little man being from the DRC.
Words cannot describe how cute this little guy is....really, really adorable (like his big brother). So we wanted to think of ways our little band of stay at home moms could support Amy and help raise funds. Being that we are all on a budget, we decided to have a garage sale. It is very liberating to get rid of the excess "stuff" and then know that the money is going toward this amazing family.
All of us are pretty tired tonight. Our hostess, Julie, graciously provided her home & driveway. It is such a good tired. And doesn't even begin to compare to the crazy long flights, sweltering month and "rustic" conditions Amy & her husband endured to bring this boy home.
Tomorrow is Day 2.
If you're a local & want to come out, we still have great stuff left! ANd you know that I am always ready to barter or just shoot the breeze. I met so many cool people today & will even see two of them in church Sunday.

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  1. What a great way for you ladies to use your resources to help out this family! I went to a "garage sale" of sorts yesterday morning in Dubai. Since people don't have garage sales this "Mum's" group hosts a second hand market day twice a year. I went and bought a bag full of baby girl clothes for about 100 dhs (25 dollars). This probably is more than what you would pay for second hand stuff in the states but each item in the bag would have cost 100 dhs or more at the shop so it was a good deal for us. If we don't have a girl??...well, I have three friends who don't know their gender and giving birth this year so surely one of them will have one. By the way...several of the items I bought were petite bateau, lauren ashley and ralph lauren. That's a good deal then, right?