Sunday, May 22, 2011


Much of my weekend was spent flat on my back with a tens machine attached to my lower back.

Yes, I have inherited the back of my mother and father. There is nothing quite like "throwing your back out".

Advil & Tylenol were my friends.

I read Amish love stories. In every story, the heroine "accidentally" loses her kapp and her gorgeous, curling hair comes tumbling down her shoulders. 'Tis forbidden, ya?

Aren't those blueberry dishes cute?!? Perfect for a mini berry pie for your husband.


  1. sorry to hear about your back. I'm already banking on back problems too. Maybe I'll luck out since I inherited Grandma Fitz's arms, Dad's feet and the figure of Aunt Jo....don't you think I've gotten my fair share of unsightly features/conditions??

  2. Well, if you got Aunt Jo's figure, you hit the jackpot. She is slender as can be. It took her until she was in her 80s, I think? I got mom & dad's teeth, too, that is the worst. I

  3. I was referring to Aunt Jo's figure back in her Fannie May days. I haven't seen her in ages. I forgot about the bad teeth thing...that's one more reason why I'm hoping I don't get back problems. Does insurance cover all of these things?

  4. Thanks for stopping by my little blogspot :o)

    I hope your back feels better.