Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VERY Talented Etsy Seller

Every so often I run across a crafter on etsy that has created something so well it blows my mind. Here is the latest that I need to share (especially with all the sweets fanatics):

Lisa, sorry you had to see this with your gestational looks so real!!

The whole store is full of amazing barrettes. Maybe I will need to do some shopping there for my niece's Christmas gifts...

I have no relationship with this seller, just in awe.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. How does this woman make them look so realistic? I think the cupcake and popsicle ones are really cute too. Maybe these would actually be good for me because I could just gnaw on them yet not get any of the sugar in my system. :)

  2. Lisa, I don ot know how she does it. My Tuesday girls & I were chatting at the garage sale & they had read it and clicked on her page. They were in awe, too. Jessie & I both really liked the classic sno cone.