Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Suggestions Welcome

Ok, help a girl out here....
I am the "Craft Lady" at VBS this year and am looking for one more craft to do, probably on Day 1 of VBS.
Here is the tentative rundown so far:
Day 2: Pony bead bracelets on black cord with cross & "fear not" beads
Day 3: Wooden/Paper fan that each kid can decorate (China/ Panda is this year's theme)
Day 4: Canvas hackey sack to decorate/paint with fabric markers
Day 5: Takeout box or box to decorate/personalize for toting home week's crafts

I have followed some of the suggestions on the curriculum, but the projects and materials to purchase were so flimsy for the $$$ spent. Looking for something that appeals to 1st-5th graders alike, is not super expensive (200+ kids) and not something that will be trashed when they go home.

Any ideas??


  1. I saw that your first day is about God creating man. I'm not sure about the older kids but what about having them make something with their handprints. Would you be able to afford laminating them into place mats? You could have them draw a picture of self in the center and then put their handprints of themselves on the side. On the bottom you could either print and paste or write out the verse for the day or something about being created in the image of God in order so that we might glorify Him. Just a quick thought.

  2. 200+ kids...could you do name badges on the first day as a craft project. Maybe a crocheted laynard that's strung through a little name badge they create/decorate?

  3. That might be a good & inexpensive idea for the lanyards. I know they are usually given one at registration, but this would be a great way to dress them up. Thanks!!

    I think the laminating would be super pricey...

    Thanks all!